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The problem with using an estate agent

I can't sell my house - the problem with using an estate agent

If you’ve got a fine looking house in a great area that you want to sell at a competitive price and you have lots of time to sell, then you may decide to use an estate agent.

An estate agent will handle the negotiations between potential buyers and you, taking care of the paperwork. And they do this for a commission. However, this is worth paying if the house sells fast because you won’t be making lots of mortgage payments on a house you don’t want to live in anymore.

But if the estate agent takes months to sell your house, you still have to pay their commission and the additional costs of several mortgage payments.

You’ll have to keep your house spotlessly tidy when agents show potential buyers around. Buyers may be put off by your taste in wallpaper, your carpets or style of kitchen. You have to tolerate strangers walking around your home – and most are not actually interested in buying!

What is the likelihood that your estate agent is going to devote all of their energy to selling one person’s house? More than likely they will have several houses for prospective buyers, hoping to get one sold. Estate agency services are not designed for the consumer in mind.

The agent is not concerned if the house sits on the market for an extra week or two… Several weeks pass with little or no progress until things go wrong. If the buyer pulls out or you are gazumped, where does that leave you? Back where you started.

According to Which? Magazine research, 72 per cent of people think estate agents invent offers from non-existent buyers. Many fail to pass on offers to buyers and some suggest that a buyer would be more successful if they used the financial services offered by the agent.

The research says 70 per cent of people think estate agents frequently give misleading information about properties; 29 per cent think their agent did not keep them informed; 14 per cent said the agent incorrectly described their property; 12 per cent said the agent put too much pressure on them and nine per cent thought the agent behaved unethically.

Talk to somebody who has recently sold their house and ask them what they had to go through to sell it, how much it cost including work done on the property. Ask them if there were any last minute additional costs or "surprises" and how much they paid in commissions and other costs. Then ask how long it took to sell from the day they approached an agent to completion. It could be an eye opener.

Here’s how to sell your home fast with the minimum of hassle… Sell it to us!

We can give you cash for your property and complete in days. We specialise in buying and selling houses in the UK in all price ranges and in any condition. It is why our service is in high demand from homeowners all over the country.

We are serious about buying your house unlike an estate agent who will list it hoping it will sell in three to six months. That is the old way to sell your house. We want to buy your property now!

It is time to cut out the "middle man" commission that estate agents charge and get in touch with a motivated buyer such as us.

Swift Cash Sale is an established property investment company that specialises in buying homes across the UK.

If you would like a free chat with a member of our team, then call free 24 hours a day in confidence on 0800 954 5258. We are just a phone call away and would love to talk with you about your home and how we can help.

You can email or fill out your details here.

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