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Have you been given a Section 20 Notice?

Sell your home fast if you have been served a Section 20

Sell your ex-council local authority house fast with section 20 notice

A Section 20 Notice is a legal document which lets the council charge leaseholders the cost of renovating an ex-council or local authority house or flat.

It means that people who have bought their home from the council must pay a proportion of the rerfurbishment costs when it is required.

The notice can only be issued when communal areas such as the building's walls, windows or roof needs work.

However, the costs involved are usually quite expensive and can range from 2,000 to 10,000 depending on the works needed.

Because of the large financial outlay, many homeowners find it difficult to get the cash to pay off a crippling bill. Some are forced to sell their homes and downsize in order to settle the debt.

This makes it difficult to sell your property if the buyer knows they will have to fork out for a bill before the have even moved in.

And when works are being carried out, often over several months, it can put buyers off with all the workmen, noise and upheaval.

Vendors and their solicitors are obligated to inform buyers a Section 20 Notice has been issued rather than hide it as sales can fall through at the last minute when they find out. can provide a solution to anybody looking to sell their council or ex-local authority flat who has a Section 20 Notice issued.

We are specialists in buying property fast and can make you an offer on your home to complete in around 28 days on average.

There are no delays, hassles or broken chains and we even pay 500 towards your legal fees.

Just give us a call on 0800 954 5258 and one of our consultants will offer you any asistance.

If you have any questions about Section 20 Notices then get in touch with us now.

Email or fill out your details here.

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