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How to stop repossession or eviction

How to stop repossession, eviction or bankruptcy

Are you having trouble paying your mortgage or anticipate having these problems soon?

If you are struggling to meet your mortgage payments, then it is best to act fast and speak to your lender to see if they can help.

Check if you have Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI) or Accident, Sickness and Unemployment insurance (ASU) to help with repayments if your income has fallen through redundancy, accident or sickness. This may have been taken out with your mortgage.

Cut back on your monthly expenditure is a good idea and also finding out if you can claim State benefits can help your situation.

But if you have built up mortgage arrears and are finding it difficult to meet your monthly payments, then a quick house sale is an option to consider.

Ask your lender if you can stay at the property until it is sold before moving to a smaller home or renting. can buy your property within 28 days so proceeds from the sale can pay the outstanding mortgage and arrears.

Are you facing repossession or eviction?

If your lender intends to repossess your home then we can step in and stop the repossession or eviction.

It starts with a Summons for Possession where a date and time is given for the court hearing. Here the court usually issues a possession order and in a matter of weeks, a bailiff's warrant where you will be forcebly removed from your home.

A repossession must be avoided at all costs as not only will you be homeless, but your credit rating will be adversely affected meaning it will be very difficult to get another loan again.

Fortunately, can stop repossession or eviction at any time. We can apply to the court for a suspension order and accompany you to the hearing to give evidence that a sale is going through. A sale can be completed in 28 days so you can get on with your life.

If you would like a confidential chat about your circumstances, then give us a call seven days a week on 0800 954 5258.

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