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How to sell your house

How do you sell your house fast if you want a quick sale? Have a look at our guide for desperate homesellers.

Estate agents

Picking the right agent means your property should hopefully be shown to people who are genuinely interested in it. Look at the properties already marketed by the agent and see if houses like yours are listed in the window. Going for the agent with the lowest charges - which range from 0.5 per cent to 2.5 per cent - may not always be the best option.

Choose an agent that is accredited by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and find one in your area by visiting its website After choosing your agent, they will do a valuation and place your home on the market at a price they deem to be correct.

However, agents often inflate their valuation of the property in order to get your business. So look at the prices of similar houses in your area on

Recent research has found many people think estate agents invent offers from non-existent buyers and frequently give misleading information about properties.

Another downside, is selling through an estate agent can take months - especially if the price has been set artifically high. During this time period, you have to keep your home spotless when showing potential buyers around.

The longer the house is left on the market, the more mortgage payments you have to shell out. When the house is sold, you have to pay the estate agent's commission.

Home Improvements

Painting walls, clearing up the garden and ensuring everywhere is clear and tidy can really improve your chances of securing a sale. According to recent survey, spending £1,330 on giving your home a lick of paint can add £3,557 to the price buyers will pay for your property. However, major works such as building a house extension would cost about £33,800 but only add £13,568 in value.


Selling your house at an auction can be a fast way to sell your house and quicker than going through an estate agent. Photos of your house will be taken by an auction house for a catalogue which will be sent out to prospective buyers around three to four weeks before the auction. In that period, buyers can view the property and arrange surveys while a guide price will be given.

The buyer must have 10 per cent deposit ready and all the finance in place to complete the transaction. Auctioneers charge around 1.5 per cent of the property’s value, while you will also have to pay the catalogue fee of around £375-£700 along with solicitor's costs.

When you take into account the time it takes to arrange the auction - around four weeks - plus another four weeks for the buyer to complete, then that adds up to at least two months to sell your home. Your property could also only go for for 65 per cent of its market value if it sells at all, with just 66 per cent of recent properties at London auctions getting sold.

Cash buyers

Going through a cash property buyer is probably the fastest way to sell your home. are experienced property professionals who are specialists in buying property quickly. They can give you an offer within 24 hours on any type of house or flat in any condition all over the UK. They can complete in around 28 days or a timeframe that suits you.

There are no estate agent hassles, no survey fees, they pay £500 towards your solicitor costs and there is no need for a HIP pack. Give them a call on 0800 954 5258 any time of day for a free confidential chat.

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