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Frequently asked questions

Sell your home fast through Swift Cash Sale

You may have several questions to ask about selling your home through a cash property buyer. Below are some of the most popular with the relevant answers. But if there is anything else you need to know, please call our 24 hour freephone number 0800 954 5258 and we will be happy to help.

I want to sell my house fast but how long will it take?

We aim to exchange contracts within 21 days and complete within a month. There are occasions when it can take longer if for example the solicitors notice extra issues they have to deal with, but this usually only adds days to the total time.

If you are close to being repossessed or evicted then we can put a halt to that immediately and start the sale process right away. We can also work to a time frame that suits you. For example, you may want to delay completion until you have found your new home.

How much will you pay for my property?

We pay 70% to 90% of the open market value of the property as assessed by an independent RICS surveyor. Most people have an inflated view of their property and estate agents tend to over-value properties in order to get the business.

We calculate the true market value using comparable sales information and resources like the Land Registry. We buy your property at a 'trade price' and you can get cash for your home quickly without the hassle of seeling through an estate agent.

Can I rent back?

We are not authorised to advise on Sale and Rent Back property transactions. You can still make an enquiry with us and we can give you the details of an FSA registered advisor who can help.

Once a price has been agreed, now what?

As soon as we have agreed to buy your house, we will instruct solicitors to do searches on the property, just like any other property transaction. We will instruct a RICS surveyor to value your home who will visit about a week later.

You will have to complete paper work sent by the solicitors, which we can help you with, and both sides will work away until the sale is complete. We will keep in touch throughout the process and are always on hand if you need to ask any questions.

How do you differ from an estate agent?

We pay 70% to 90% of the open market value of the property and selling through an estate agent tends to be around 87%. Selling through takes around 28 days, while it would be around three months with an estate agent. We charge no fees and you don't have to redecorate the house or keep it spotless for viewings because we buy 'as is'.

Can you help if I have mortgage arrears?

Once we have discussed your situation then we can come up with a suitable solution for your needs - even if you do not have any equity in your property. Everybody's situation is different and one of our advisors can tell you what options you have.

I am being threatened with eviciton, can you help?

We can stop repossessions and evictions - right up to the last moment. We will buy your home in around 28 days and offer support and advice. We can also accompany you to a court hearing to give evidence that a sale is going through.

What are the costs in a quick sale?

You pay no fees whatsoever. Unlike other cash buyers, we do not charge for surveys, there are no valuation fees, no HIPS fees, we will pay 500 towards the cost of the solicitor acting on your behalf and you will save on estate agent fees.

What if I pull out of the sale before contracts have been exchanged?

We have not known this to happen, but you will be responsible for the survey costs and legal fees incurred.

Are their assurances that you won't pull out?

If we do not buy your home once you have accepted our formal offer - subject to survey - we will pay you 500.

What properties do you buy?

We buy houses, flats, apparatments, garages, bungalows, cottages fast all over the UK in any size or condition. We are happy to buy property that needs refurbishment and also tenanted properties.

How do I find out if you can help me?

Contact us free on 0800 954 5258.

Email or fill out your details here.

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